Registration <Closed>
Due to reach the maximum capacity, the registration was closed.


Postponement of abstract acceptance notification <Finished>

Notification of acceptance of abstracts submitted to the Workshop & Symposium has been postponed October 30, 2019 due to the large number of applicants for the presentation.

Abstract Submission Deadline to October 15, 2019 <Closed>
Due to many requests for an extension of the deadline the International Program Committee have agreed to extend the deadline for the submission. You are welcome to submit your abstract by following the link available from http://www.jasma.info/mv2019/call-for-presentation/

The Moon Village Association (MVA) was established in 2017, as a non-governmental organisation based in Vienna, whose goal is the creation of a permanent global informal forum for stakeholders like governments, industry, academia and the public interested in the development of the Moon Village. The MVA fosters cooperation for existing or planned global moon exploration programs, be they public or private initiatives. It comprises approximately 220 members from more than 39 countries and 26 Institutional members around the globe, representing a diverse array of technical, scientific, cultural and interdisciplinary fields.

Academia and the public/private entities support the hosting of MVA2019 by bringing together unique expertise and their broad network.
The following leading academic societies and top universities‘ working units offer support for MVA2019:

Download Moon Village WS 2019 Flyer


[Host entities]
Research Center for Space Colony, Tokyo University of Science
Keio University, Institute of Law
Unit of Synergistic Studies for Space, Kyoto University


Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
Science Union for Human Planetary Habitation in Space


[Past Meeting]
The 2nd International Moon Village Workshop & Symposium
The 1st International Moon Village Workshop


MVA website: