With the expansion of human space exploration activities beyond Low Earth Orbit, the time has come to define a sustainable society on the Moon, as a first step. The features of this society are included in the concept of the Moon Village.

The Moon Village seeks to transform the paradigm shift referred to unprecedented international cooperation in space exploration and the new approaches of Moon exploration and exploitation into a set of concrete actions and create an environment where both international cooperation and the commercialization of space can thrive in a sustainable manner.

Moon Village brings together efforts from the private sector, governments, academics and others to explore and use the Moon in a sustainable manner. Realizing the Moon Village will be a major step forward for the peaceful development of humankind.

It is important to discuss different aspects of the Moon Village and, it is essential to consider not only the technical issues of large-scale sustainable human activities, but also the very wide range of issues beyond the traditional space development framework, from the economics, business, law and cultural aspects, to public outreach for constructing a highly independent society with less reliance on Earth.

The 3rd International Moon Village Workshop & Symposium, will presents various issues for the growth of such society on the Moon, discussing on-going and planned Moon programs. The goal is to expand the support of the platform for exchanging and sharing such information that is the Moon Village Association. The Workshop and Symposium 2019 also aims to expand the international and domestic communities for future discussions and to network people interested in Moon Village’s activities in various fields of industry, government, and academia.

Giuseppe Reibaldi, President, Moon Village Association (MVA)
Yoshifumi Inatani, Chair of the Local Organizing Committee (LOC)

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