Call for Presentation

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We invite submissions of presentations on a broad range of topics in Moon Village activities as follows. The program of this Workshop & Symposium will be consisting of organized sessions and “General Presentation” sessions. Applications for General Presentation are welcome. The oral presentations are selected from the submitted abstract after reviews by the IPC members.
  1. Moon Village Architectural Concepts & Issues
  2. Moon Village Standards
  3. Human Factors
  4. Moon Markets, Missions & Economics
  5. Mission & Markets Requirements Data
  6. Coordination & Cooperation
  7. Moon Village & Exploration Analogues
  8. Cultural Considerations
  9. Outreach/Education
  1. One-page abstracts for presentations are required by Oct. 31, 2019. <Extended>
  2. All abstracts accepted will be published on the website of Moon Village Association after this Workshop & Symposium.
  3. All presentations are to be in English and 15-20 minutes long with discussion.
  1. One accepted abstract per participant/registration.
  2. Submission via e-mail:
  3. Include the following information with your submission via e-mail
  • Your full name + title
  • Your affiliation
  • Your country
  • Email of the presenting author
  • Your topic or the above Moon Village activities for which you would like your abstract to be considered for presentation
  1. Your abstract should be written in English.
  2. The maximum word limit for the abstract is 275 words.
  3. Please download the abstract template and follow the format carefully.
  1. Deadline abstract submission: Oct. 31, 2019 at 12:00 (JST) <Extended>
  2. Abstract acceptance notification: Unfixed <Postponed>

You will be acknowledged of the receipt of the abstract via an email within seven working days after submission.

The following International Program Committee (IPC) member will organize all the sessions of the Moon Village Workshop.
John Mankins                          Vice President, Moon Village Association
Yoshifumi Inatani                     Professor, ISAS / JAXA, Japan
Yuko Inatomi                            Professor, ISAS / JAXA, Japan
Shinichi Kimura                        Professor, Tokyo University of Science,
Oleh Ventskovsky                    Director of the Brussels-based European
                                                 Representation of the State Enterprise
                                                 “Yuzhnoye Design”, Ukraine
Tai Sik Lee                               Professor, Hanyang University,
                                                 Republic of Korea
Dorin Prumariu                         Chair 2030 UN/COPUOS WG,
                                                 Former Astronaut
Sundaram Ramakrishnan        Former ISRO Director of Viklam Sarabhai
                                                 Space Centre
Yuri Razoumni                         Dean of RUDN University, Moscow
Christian Feichtinger                IAF Executive Secretary, Paris
Gongling Sun                           Pofessor, ISU, Strasbourg
Henk Rogers                            International Moonbase Alliance