Oral presentation instructions

● General lecture

General presentations are 15 minutes long, including 5 minutes for questions and discussion. 
● Keynote lecture
Keynote presentations are 20 minutes long, including 5 minutes for questions and discussion. 

 Oral presentations are basically to be made using your own laptop PC. The presentors are requested to test the connection with a projector in advance. The projector has only VGA (RGB) port (HDMI port is not avilable). The presentors willing to use Macintosh laptop PC are requested to bring a Mini DisplayPort to VGA Adapter (Dongle). As a precautionary measure, please also bring a USB memory stick containing your presentation file. If you are willing to use the laptop present in the conference hall, please upload your presentation files to the laptop PC (Windows system with Power Point and Acrobat Reader) in advance of your session.


Poster presentation instructions

Poster presentation will be held at the lobby of the conference site. Your poster number will be notified to the panel allocated there.

Followings are instructions for preparation of your poster.

(1) Be sure to place your poster before the lunch time of the first day (26th).
(2) Poster should be placed by yourself.
(3) Panel size is 900 x 2000; please print to fit this size (A0 is default).
(4) Pins to fix the poster will be provided at conference site.
    If you prefer other way to place it, bring the one by yourself
(5) Every poster must be taken off by yourself (before 2PM of the last day (28th), if there is no special reason).
(6) We do not provide any printing service and advance check-in so that bring the printed poster is your responsibility.
 At your Mohri-Poster session, Dr. Mohri will visit all posters. Because of the time limitation, each shall be within 3 minutes. Please prepare well for your discussion with Dr. Mohri for such short time.

If any questions on poster presentation, please do not hesitate to ask symposium office.

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