Surface Tension of Molten Silver in Consideration of Oxygen Adsorption Measured by Electromagnetic Levitation

Int. J. Microgravity Sci. Appl. 2016p330310
Shumpei OZAWA, Masaru NISHIMURA and Kazuhiko KURIBAYASHI
Department of Advanced Materials Science and Engineering, Chiba Institute of Technology, Research Liaison Centre, Chiba Institute of Technology
The surface tension of molten silver was measured as a function of temperature and oxygen activity, aO2, by the oscillating droplet method using electromagnetic levitation. The surface tension of molten silver was successfully measured over the very wide temperature range of 515 K. The pure state value of the surface tension was measured when aO2 is lower than 5.3×10-19. The surface tension shows a boomerang shape temperature dependence at a O2 of 3.2×10-5 to 2.0×10-3. The excess amount of oxygen adsorption on the molten silver was deduced from the Gibbs adsorption isotherm. The equilibrium constant, standard enthalpy, and standard entropy for the oxygen adsorption reaction on molten silver was revised, using the measurement result based on the Szyskowski model. Furthermore, the relationship between the surface tension, temperature, and a O2 was also updated.
Surface tension, Oxygen adsorption, Electromagnetic levitation, Molten silver, Oscillating droplet method

Received 11 December 2015, Accepted 13 June 2016; Published 31 July 2016

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