Report on Post Asian Student Team Parabolic Flight 2013 Activities by Malaysian Team

Int. J. Microgravity Sci. Appl. 2016p330211
Shahrul Kadri AYOP, Mohd Helmy HASHIM, Rosly JAAFAR, Mohd Ikhwan Hadi YAACOB, Ahmad Tarmimi ISMAIL and Kok Ken HONG
Faculty of Science and Mathematics, Sultan Idris Education University, National Space Agency of Malaysia
We participated in the parabolic flight campaign to do an experiment under microgravity environment. We performed an experiment to visualize resonance profile in air column during Asian Student Team Parabolic Flight 2013. In this article we report activities related to the project including exhibitions, talks, educational outreach, awards and academic conferences. We devised a simple survey to know what is expected by the public on the influence of gravity on resonance profile, after giving brief explanations about the physical phenomenon in the air column. It is interesting to see that the majority of respondents associated microgravity with the concept of random flotation.
Parabolic flight, Resonance tube

Received 17 J September 2015, Accepted 4 April 2016, Published 30 April 2016

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