Limiting Oxygen Concentration of Flame Resistant Material in Microgravity Environment

Int. J. Microgravity Sci. Appl. 2017p340304
Keisuke MARUTA, Kandai TSUBOI and Shuhei TAKAHASHI
Gifu University
Fire safety tests of materials used in the international space station have been conducted in normal gravity. However, in the previous researches, flame could spread in lower oxygen concentration in microgravity than in normal gravity. Therefore, it may cause fire hazard to use the ground-based flammability test results for microgravity environments. In the present paper, we modify our previous simplified model by including the effect of boundary layer on the material and compared the result with the parabolic flight experiment. Also we report the flammability limit of NOMEX, the typical flame resistant material obtained by parabolic flight experiments and compare it with PMMA. The results show that the minimum oxygen concentration (MLOC) of NOMEX was about 2% lower than that in normal gravity, and the flow velocity at MLOC is much larger (10~20cm/s) than that of PMMA (6~10cm/s). The feature of the flammability limit of NOMEX was successfully predicted by the modified model with the blow-off test data in forced flow.
Flammability limit, NOMEX, Scale analysis, Microgravity

Received: 24 October 2016, Accepted 15 June 2017, Published 31 July 2017

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