Compositionally Uniform SiGe Crystal Growth aboard the International Space Station (1) Hicari project summary

Int. J. Microgravity Sci. Appl. 2017p340112
Yasutomo ARAI, Kyoichi KINOSHITA,Yuko INATOMI and Takao TSUKADA
Human Spaceflight Technology Directorate, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, Space Utilization Promotion Department, Japan Space Forum,School of Science and Technology, Meiji University, Institute of Space and Astronautical Science, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency,Graduate School of Engineering, Tohoku University
We report the Hicari project summary, namely, history of the project, preparation of samples, preliminary experiments, determination of growth conditions, preparation for safety requirements, on orbit operations of the space experiments, results of the space grown SiGe crystals, lessons learned from the project and so on. In the series of experiments, the crystal growth parameters were adjusted by reflecting the results of the latest crystal growth experiment. We discuss two things; what is the best user integration process for the current JAXA materials science space experiments and the future work of the SiGe bulk crystal growth experiments.
SiGe bulk crystal, user integration, Hicari project

Received 17 November 2016, Accepted 29 November 2016, Published 31 January 2017

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