Message from the President


Prof. Hiroshi Nomura, College of Industrial Technology, Nihon University

<Greetings from the New President>

I am Hiroshi Nomura of Nihon University. As of April 2021, I have been appointed to serve as the president of the Japan Society of Microgravity Application. I have been involved with this academic society since I was a student, so I feel very honored to have this responsibility of contribution to JASMA. When I was a Master student, I conducted experiments on fuel droplet evaporation using 10 m class drop tower in the laboratory. This research was my entrance to the world of microgravity. Fortunately, I have had various experimental opportunities such as ZARM drop tower, parabolic flights, TR-1A rocket, and International Space Station. These experiences made me firmly believe that microgravity is a very useful tool for some research fields. I believe JASMA has an important role to share the know-how of microgravity experiments and the results obtained at microgravity with the members, and to continue to disseminate the usefulness and attractiveness of microgravity to the society and the next generation. Moreover, since space utilization programs such as the Artemis program have begun and the engineering applicable at microgravity and/or low gravity is becoming increasingly important, we will try to connect such engineering demands to the activation of JASMA. I appreciate your support and cooperation in advance.


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