1. Results and Future Plans of the ISS Experiments

 Outstanding results of the ISS experiments over a decade and future plans will be reported.

  1. Agency Talks

Representatives from space agencies will introduce their programs and research capabilities.

  1. “Mohri Poster Session” (Student Poster Session)

“Mohri poster session” is inspired by Japanese Astronaut; Dr. Mamoru Mohri and is open to the dedicated students, who wish to present their on-going work in variety of fields such as aerospace engineering and material science.  With Dr. Mohri’s endless passion in education and encouragement for younger researchers/scientists, he is always a host of this session and is acting as one of the most “severe” reviewers for all posters presented on site.  During the session, Dr. Mohri carefully checks all posters and discuss with presenters directly.  Quality of the poster as well as the passion of presenters are evaluated and winners of the session are selected.  Award is directly given by Dr. Mohri with comments (see attached picture).  Since Dr. Mohri is quite busy, it is in fact very difficult to find time to share with us.  Nevertheless, this legacy has been continuing and Dr. Mohri enjoys this session and keeps dreaming to educate second-generation of astronauts from the attendees.  Next astronaut might be you or your friend; please join to Mohri poster session and share your idea/time with Dr. Mohri at ISPS-6. 

Astronaut Mamoru MOHRI (Right) and awarded students

Astronaut Mamoru MOHRI (Right) and awarded students








  1. Beyond ISS

Commercial space flight opportunities are expecting as new, simple and fast space experiment systems. In this public session, representatives from space adventure companies will introduce their laboratory capabilities.