For Presenters

Instructions for Invited Speakers & Contributed Oral Presenters


Please come prepared with a PowerPoint file to show your slides. Microsoft PowerPoint is the primary software used for presentations.

Invited speakers will have 20 minute: 15 minutes for their talk plus 5 minutes for questions. Contributed oral presenters will have 15 minute: 10 minutes for their talk plus 5 minutes for questions. Time limits will be strictly enforced by the session chair.

For security reason, we recommend you to bring your own laptop computer for your presentation. The conference does not prepare any laptop computer in the session. You will need to connect it to a LCD projector in the conference room. The cable interface is VGA connector. Mac user will need to bring their own VGA adapter. Please remember to bring your power cable to your presentation (AC 100V, 50 hz in Tokyo and 60 hz in Kyoto).

We ask you to be considerate of the presenter following you and to make sure your technical setup does not take away from any of their presentation time. So, please test that your own device works with the projector.