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Thank you for your consideration of making a submission to the IJMSA Journal. The IJMSA Journal is a scientific journal that publishes research results and related articles concerning theories, experimental testing, technique and equipment development in the interdisciplinary fields of research that utilize microgravity and other space environments, including the fluid sciences, crystal growth, physical chemistry, materials sciences, biological sciences, combustion, science and engineering. As a venue for publishing valuable research results, we welcome hard-hitting submissions.

Chairman of the Editorial Board, International Journal of Microgravity Application (IJMSA)

Categories of Published Papers and Articles

We welcome submissions of original articles and review papers. We accept submissions in  English and Japanese.

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Transfer of Copyright

With the development of the e-journal, all authors of originally published papers and articles must consent to the transfer of copyright (including reprinting rights and public transmission rights).


Authors of published articles are kindly requested to purchase reprints. The editorial office will provide guidelines together with notification of selection.

For details, please refer to the rules for submission.

Preparing the Manuscript

With the development of the e-journal, authors themselves are asked to typeset their manuscripts according to the template selected by the Society, and to prepare manuscripts that are identical to the printed version. In addition, please prepare the manuscript for submission and the written consent of transfer of copyright and forward both in the form of email attachments to the IJMSA Editorial Board.


Please send (1) the manuscript cover sheet, (2) manuscript, and (3) copyright transfer form as described below to (Mrs. Mana Tajiri, Secretary of JASMA (The Japan Society of Microgravity Application) .

(1) Manuscript cover sheet

Please fill the sheet downloaded from (Manuscript-cover-sheet_20180119)

(2) Manuscript

Please prepare your manuscript using the template below indicating the style of the journal.  In the first submission, send only the PDF file:  The source file will be required after acceptance.  If the file exceeds 50MB, please submit on a CD-ROM.


≪MS-word≫ template_IJMSA_20200917

≪LaTex≫ coming soon

(3) Written consent of the transfer of copyright

Please fill the form downloaded from (Microsoft WordMicrosoft Excel) and send it via either e-mail (as a PDF file of scanned image), fax, or surface mail.


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