Thermal Control System for Space Experiment on Two-Phase Boiling Flow -II ; Manufacture and Test of the Condenser system

Int. J. Microgravity Sci. Appl. 2011_s112
A condenser system is manufactured and tested for ISS program on two-phase boiling flow experiments promoted by JAXA according to the analysis of thermal management in the experimental system. Eight rectangular copper tubes of which circular channel of 6mm in diameter are connected directly by U tubes and arranged in parallel on the given ISS cold plate. The maximum pressure loss of the tube is 7kPa in the experimental condition. FC72 and water of 23ºC are used as working fluid for boiling experiment and cold plate, respectively. Heat of 400W is able to transport to cold plate from FC72 steam at 45kg/h of water flow and higher liquid subcooling than 10K at the exit of condenser tube. Those test results have satisfied the requirements for condenser system in the ISS microgravity experiments on two-phase boiling flow.

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