Observation of Settling Behavior of Particles in Slurry under Centrifugal Force

Int. J. Microgravity Sci. Appl. 2011_s084
Powder-using processing such as ceramic processing and powder metallurgy is one of the powerful tools to provide advanced materials or parts difficult to fabricate by other processing routes. One of key technologies for powder-using process lies on compacting method, since packing microstructure determines performance and reliability of finished products. Settling powders under high centrifugal force can provide dense, homogeneous and defect-free powder compacts. In the present paper, we observe settling behavior of particles in slurry under centrifugal force, varying initial condition of slurries. The settling phenomenon is basically depicted by Kynch plot, showing that the compacting speed under centrifugal force is basically insensitive not only to initial concentration but also to viscosity of the slurries. This is great advantage for practical application of the HCP to powder-using processing.

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