Crystal Growth of InGaSb Alloy Semiconductor at International Space Station: Preliminary Experiments

Int. J. Microgravity Sci. Appl. 2011_s046
As a preliminary experiment for the near future microgravity experiment, InxGa1-xSb bulk crystal was grown under 1G condition using GaSb(seed)/InSb/GaSb(feed) sandwich sample. In order to prepare the seed and feed crystals for GaSb(seed)/InSb/GaSb(feed) sandwich sample, GaSb single crystals with different orientations viz., <100>, <110>, <111> were grown by CZ method. Moreover, heavily (1×1020 cm-3 in solution) tellurium (Te)-doped poly crystalline InSb sample was synthesized to prepare the sandwich sample. The effect of various heat pulses on the Te-impurity induced growth striations was investigated by introducing various kinds of heat pulses during the growth experiment. An appropriate heat pulse which is capable to produce a clear and thin striation was identified. Based on the observed growth striations, the growth rate of the crystal was roughly estimated.

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