About IJMSA Journal

Published by the Japan Society of Microgravity Application (JASMA, established in 1983), the Journal of the Japan Society of Microgravity Application has been contributed to the activities of members and supporting members by publishing original papers and articles on theory, experimental testing, techniques and equipment development that enrich research in microgravity applications as well as research results in a variety of academic fields.

In 2013, the publication of the electronic edition of the journal has been reconsidered within the international trend of open-access journals, and we change the name of the journal as “International Journal of Microgravity Science and Application (IJMSA)”.  The IJMSA as an open-access journal aims that the world wide scientists can access to the wealth of the scientific outputs of microgravity science and application using ISS and various facilities, etc.  We encourage you to submit your valuable papers to the IJMSA.


July 1, 2017

Japan Society of Microgravity Application

Osamu Fujita, President