Emissivity Measurements of Molten Metals with an Electrostatic Levitator

Int. J. Microgravity Sci. Appl. 2017p340305
Takehiko ISHIKAWA, Junpei T. OKADA, Paul-François PARADIS and Yuki WATANABE
Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency & SOKENDAI & Tohoku University & Advanced Engineering Services Co. Ltd
Spectral emissivity and constant heat capacities of molten metals (nickel, zirconium, rhodium, and niobium) at their melting temperatures were measured using containerless techniques. Samples were levitated in an electrostatic levitator and the radiation intensities from the molten samples were measured with spectrometers over a wide wavelength range. The spectrometers were calibrated with a blackbody radiation furnace and the spectral hemispherical emissivity was calculated. Then, the total hemispherical emissivity (ET) was obtained by integrating the spectral emissivity over wavelength. Finally, constant pressure heat capacity was calculated using the data obtained from the cooling curve and ET.
Emissivity, High temperature melt, Levitation

Received: 14 December 2016, Accepted 30 May 2017, Published 31 July 2017

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