Overview of Mars Simulation Experiments and Consideration of Manned Mars Exploration

Int. J. Microgravity Sci. Appl. 2016p330311
Masanobu SUMIJI, Hiroyuki MIYAJIMA, Yoshiki ANNOU and Kyosuke MURAKAWA
Mars Society Japan, International University of Health and Welfare
Many experiments to simulate Mars environment have been implemented around the world. In this article, we report MARS500, HI-SEAS, MDRS, Biosphere 2 and Yuegong-1 as simulations of manned Mars exploration. More than 1000 people have participated in MDRS including Japanese researchers, engineers and students. The Biosphere 2 experiment proved that it is difficult to mimic Earth’s ecosystem. Effects of microgravity and radiation during manned Mars exploration have been also examined in many experiments. The radiation detector piggybacked to the Mars rover, Curiosity, showed high level of radiation during the trip from Earth to Mars. Therefore, some measure should be taken to avoid high level of radiation exposure to astronauts.
Manned mars exploration, MDRS, Biosphere, MARS500, Yuegong-1, HI-SEAS, Radiation

Received 21 January 2016, accepted 10 May 2016, published 31 July 2016

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