Authors who wish to write full papers based on their abstracts are encouraged to submit manuscripts for review to one of the two journals:

Microgravity Science and Technology (MGST):

MGST is a peer-reviewed scientific journal concerned with all topics, experimental as well as theoretical, related to research carried out under conditions of altered gravity. MGST offers a very good opportunity to make your research known to the interdisciplinary communities working under altered gravity conditions. The full aims, scope, and further information can be found at

Interfacial Phenomena and Heat Transfer (IPHT):

IPHT aims to serve as a forum to advance understanding of fundamental and applied areas on interfacial phenomena, fluid flow, and heat transfer through interdisciplinary research, and highlights multi-scale phenomena involved in physical and/or chemical behaviors in thermal physics, fluid mechanics, and interfacial phenomena. The scope of the Journal covers interdisciplinary areas of physics of fluids, heat and mass transfer, physical chemistry and engineering in macro-, meso-, micro-, and nano-scale. The full aims, scope, and further  information can be found at